School Visits


Betsy LePlatt,

illustrator of


is available for school and library visits!

In addition to working as an artist from her home studio in Chanhassen, Minnesota, for many years, Betsy LePlatt has been a dancer, an aerial artist and a firefighter. These experiences, her family and nature inspire and influence her work. She lives with her husband, Herb, and daughter, Svetlana, in a beautiful cabin-like home. Betsy is very grateful to be able to use her creativity to make a living, and would be delighted to come to your school to tell students about the life of an illustrator. For more information, visit 


Betsy will present to students the life of an illustrator, including how she got started in the industry, showing some of her early work, showing the illustration process and how the illustrator can add to the story of a picture book. She will also read Mosquito and present some fun mosquito facts. 

Betsy is also available for workshops in which students can create their own storybooks. Older students will be taught about picture book layouts and drawing thumbnail sketches. Younger students may illustrate stories they write in small, folded books. Another option for either age group would be to work on developing bug or animal characters with expression (character development). 

Presentation Format: Betsy will present to large or small groups, and presentation times are flexible, depending on your schedule. 

Presentation Needs: Please provide a table or podium and a projector for PowerPoint presentation. If an art project is desired as part of the presentation, please discuss with Betsy what art supplies will be needed. 

Honorarium: $150/half-day; $300/full day, plus expenses. 

Book Sales

Mosquito is available from Pelican Publishing Company at a 40% discount when sold in conjunction with an author visit. For more information about bringing Betsy LePlatt to your school or Pelican’s discount and return policy, please contact the School Sales Manager at 1-800-843-1724, ext. 319, or

Rates subject to change. Please call for the latest information. 

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