The Saint Paul Public Library has recently published two books in the Karen and English languages. I had the great fortune to be the illustrator for one of the books.  St. Paul is home to the largest Karen population in the U.S. Karen people are from a region of what is now Myanmar and also from Thailand. The Library has hosted a popular story time for Karen children for quite a while now, but there were no books in Karen for the librarians, or families for that matter to read. I am so proud of The St. Paul Library (specifically The Friends of the St. Paul Library) for wisely filling this need in the community. My heart is full with the thought of having a small part in getting books into these children's hands. Please see the link below for more information.

““Mosquito” is a fun, witty, color illustrated versed nature book that follows the path of a very annoying mosquito. The mosquito buzzes and annoys many different animals, including a human girl, but only one has the perfect reaction to the mosquito’s sting: the bat (who eats the mosquito)! Splashy, colorful paintings display the world inhabited by the mosquito and animals, each with human-like expressions in their eyes. The witty rhyme, the pace of the unfolding panorama of pictures, and the ever present underlying annoying buzz of the mosquito all combine to make “Mosquito” a first class preschool-toddler nature book experience.”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 —Midwest Book Review